Why Are VideoKardz Smarter Videos, Smarter?

Smarter than the Average Video - With Pay Per Response Option.

There are five key aspects to VideoKardz Smarter Videos that make them the smarter choice for smarter small-medium business marketers - even without the addition of our ground-breaking and irresistible Pay Per Response Option.

They utilise the most powerful cutting edge interactive video engagement technology for marketers, with multiple industry-leading features. We believe that collectively, these key aspects make our Smarter Videos unique because they do not exist together within any other truly affordable video centric marketing system that we know of.

These five key features are:

1. Personalised and Localised Direct to Your Customer
We all know that strong relationships are important to customer loyalty and retention.

So imagine if your marketing videos were personalised towards the viewer. Personalised videos help you to create meaningful one-to-one connections with your audience and to continue to enhance your video marketing with ongoing relationship building.

This makes it much easier for your marketing message to cut through and resonate with your target market. That's because real-time video personalisation, with your viewer's name, geographical location and/or image, sparks a unique curiosity from your audience and creates a compelling and emotional connection.

That's why personalised video is so effective, as this encourages a deeper high-converting engagement with your content and message.

A personalised video, also enables you to engage your customers by including specific information about the individual recipient (taken from your formatted list or database). We can insert this information strategically into your video, giving your audience an excellent customer experience, that speaks directly to them.

We can also take this a step further by localising the video with their current location through geolocation technology which can involve the viewer's IP address location, Wi-Fi positioning systems or the generation of a set of geographic coordinates from cell towers so that the location data can include information such as country, region, city, latitude, longitude and time zone.

In this manner, personalised video inspires people to engage, interact and, more importantly, to take action.

In fact, the engagement rates of personalised video are proven to see an improvement, when compared to content that has not been customised, and deliver a CTR that is 164% higher than a generic video. Further, personalised videos see a 116% increase in conversion.

You can see a quick demonstration on this personalised and localised video demonstration page and by scrolling down below the header video and following the instructions.
(Note: Please just ensure that you do scroll down first and enter your name in the field provided and this will activate the location services with your real city, state and country.)

Sadly, the accuracy of these systems can vary dramatically depending on the viewers ISP and the internet connection method used - cable, mobile, etc.

Our own cable service provides us with highly accurate results right down to the exact suburb, while our mobile service leaves a fair bit to be desired. This is why we opt to add 'within the x mile radius', but bear in mind that the distance is also provided by the system.

At least, or at the very worst, we can say that the viewers 'state' and 'country' have never been incorrect and we can display those alone if desired.

As we get more users on board who are wanting location services, we will look to find services that may provide a more accurate result. - That being said, we are able to very accurately pinpoint the viewers current location on a Google Map. The difference is, that Google rightfully respects that nature of personal information, therefore while the viewer of the video can see their current exact location, that information is not available to anyone else, including ourselves.

Sometimes, it may be more appropriate to provide your own location to the viewer, rather than adding their's, so for this reason we can also incorporate functional Google Maps with your locality within the video. This can also include functional Google Street View and Google Business View, (where available), for interactive 360 degree external and internal views - all of this, right from 'within' your video. These capabilities are also demonstrated in the video on the personalised and localised video demonstration page.
So why not check them out right now? Don't worry, we will keep this page open right here for you to come back to.

Remember, this information can be generated dynamically for each video view and is therefore never copied or held on our servers to ensure its current relevance and, most importantly, the protection the viewer's privacy.

So why is the combination of personalised video and eMail so important for you to consider? Well, did you know that when we include the words 'personalised' and 'video' in the subject line, eMail open rates demonstrably increase by up to 58% and clickthrough rates by 200%-300% - that's staggering statistics.

Plus, according to Forrester, personalised video has been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 985%.

However, that's not all. On average, personalised video watch rates are 3.5X longer than a single video targeted to all audiences - with a measurable decrease in drop out and unsubscribe rates.

For customer acquisition, personalised video provides an average 9X return on spend and result in an up to a 10-fold ROI improvement, as has been demonstrated for big brands such as AT&T.

In summary, your customers want to feel that they matter as an individual, not being treated like another peg in the wheel of profitability for your business.

And, they are more than willing to jump ship if another brand makes them feel that way, with research showing that 52% of people and 65% of business buyers will readily switch brands if their existing vendors fail to deliver personalized communication.

Personalising your video content can help you gain better command of your audiences attention - converting more leads and securing more deals.

2. Interactive in Real Time - Driven by Your Data
In addition to personalisation, also consider creating interactive content. The combination of personalised and interactive videos, can keep visitors on your website longer, and when Google takes note of the increased dwell-time, you will end up ranking higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

With the addition of Interactivity, your viewers SELL THEMSELVES with technology that transforms ordinary videos into fully-automated conversion platforms.

Not sure what objections you need to knock down? Use our interactivity expertise and it doesn't matter, because your viewer can choose what's most interesting to them.

Creating engaging interactive videos that allow each consumer to go on their own journey while consuming the marketing content in each video is a massive and much needed shift in video marketing. They choose the content and products they want to see, getting YOU an average 3X boost in engagement instantly.

With clickable hotspots, forms, buttons and more, our interactive video eliminates traditional barriers to action and deliver you an INCREASE in conversions of up to an 84%.

Now, we can add to this with our exclusive Video Chapters - they are also yet another incredibly simple way to let viewers skip to exactly the content they want to see and are a proven method to increase engagement and view times.

3. The Ultimate in Interactive Data Collection
If data collection through a Sales Funnel Lead Magnet, Product or Service Ratings and Polls or simply eMail and Registration Fields is critical to your business, what better way is there to attract attention to it than through video? - YES!  that is literally 'through'  the video!!!

With traditional non-interactive video, if prospects want to take action, they are usually redirected AWAY from the video to "somewhere on this page" , external forms, links and pages. This is a barrier to action that is proven to kill conversion rates.

It makes good sense that once you have grabbed the attention of a site visitor or prospect towards taking a desired action, that you keep their focus and provide them with the opportunity to take that action right there and then.

With our exclusive technology and 'know-how', we can help you achieve this very important website integration on your own site.

We would go so far as to say that virtually any data collection or permissions tool that you currently use on your website can be integrated and embedded into our interactive video process for you - thereby keeping your call-to-action and required response all in the one place, within the video.
Why not talk to us via eMail and put us to the test with a free  and absolutely no obligation  demonstration?

You can further explode your retargeting ROI, by easily adding Facebook tracking pixels at ANY stage of your interactive campaigns

This allows you to create laser-targeted, action based audiences you can re-market to based on user-specific behaviour, thereby slashing your ad spend while maximizing conversions - a winning recipe for sky high ROI.

By uncovering Key Buying Triggers of your prospects and customers, you can easily determine demographics and specific behaviours of your viewers - valuable intel to increase marketing conversions.

With our detailed analytics, you can see at a glance how each campaign is performing, giving you both a "big picture" view, as well as details of clicks, conversions, revenues and more. You can then optimize for even greater results.

Can you think of a better and more affordable, cost effective way than that to differentiate your business's data collection processes and to make it gain instant attention to get real results?

4. No Video or Web Database Worries
Even apart from the technology requirement, one of the greatest issues for many small-medium businesses is their limited ability to host their marketing videos on their own websites.

This can generally result in very slow streaming times or storage and memory issues with your server itself - sometimes leading to anxiety creating correspondence and demands from your web host, possibly even ending with the inconvenience of being forced to a more expensive server or your website being interrupted or taken totally off-line.

With VideoKardz Smarter Videos, this is no longer a worry to you, because your small business video marketing platform is now fully competitive with the 'Big End of Town' !

Your video's are hosted on secure, industry-leading Amazon S3 web servers and our system features the world's fastest video player - for industry-leading playback performance on any device, including mobile.

Lower video drop-off rate, more completed views, mean MORE clicks on your calls-to-action.

With Smarter Videos and a few simple lines of code, that we provide you with, included in an eMail to your customers or placed in a page on your website is all that you need for your customers to view your personalised videos from your eMail, a social media posts, on your website or on our own especially constructed and secure pages.

Another related issue can also be the need to set-up and maintain your own on-line database.

And while there are third party solutions for these issues, there are always additional and on-going costs involved with them.

Smarter Videos simply take away those issues, by hosting your videos on our own secure and purpose built third party servers, or by utilising technology that could eliminate any need for you to have your own on-line database - which means that your precious and valuable customer data always remains under your sole control.

There are instances however, such as personalisation through Facebook with a profile image, where your client's basic information of name and eMail address, does initially get imported into a database. There is no system that can provide this facility this without such an initial import. The database that we use for this has been specifically set up for this purpose and is totally seperate from our own client database.

So rest assured, that unlike others, we have absolutely no interest in retaining that information. We firmly believe that, that information must remain solely and confidentially between you and your customer and we guarantee it.

With this totally seperate in-house Smarter Videos system, we delete any or all of this information on a daily basis. We can even provide your customer with a link to immediately opt-out after they have made contact to you through your in-video call to action.

Don't have a database? No worries there either. If you have an Excel or formatted Word based table of the customer information that you wish to show in your personalised video, that is all we need to get you started.

Whether it's with or without a database, we have the options and expertise available to ensure your mailing list remains under your control and you get the exact exposure and results you are seeking with just the right technology to suit your needs.

5. Simple, Easily Accessible and Pre-filled Calls to Action (CTA's)
As mentioned above, often the most important calls to action fail because the prospect either can't be bothered searching for it "somewhere on this page"  or scrolling "somewhere below this video" , or simply because they can't easily find them.

They are either buried in text and graphics, they are too far down on the page and they are not in the common sight of the all important above the fold  area.

With Smarter Videos, the video is the first thing people see when they land on the page, so it actually demands attention and gets your story across to the viewer without any need to scroll or search.

Clickable items and calls-to-action inside your video, engage your customers more than a regular video could ever do.

Because your call to action is embedded into the video content, it keeps it in prime position 'above the fold' where you can focus the user's attention by driving them down a single, clear path to action.

Boom!!! With Smarter Videos, you have just created a stronger CTA that allows additional extra information to stay below the fold, where it remains assessable but not distracting.

According to Brafton, long, complicated forms wont convert on mobile, therefore, our important form fields for the CTA are usually pre-filled reducing the prospect's time and effort to complete them and significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. What could be a simpler, more inviting, process than that for you and your customers?

Further and at other times, it's the wrong type of call to action that's hurting your conversion rate performance - for example, it may be a text link instead of a prominent button that stands out from the rest of the page.

So it's not surprising that CTAs just don't convert when users can't easily find them. But it may be surprising just how much the conversion rate can increase when they ARE easy to find.

One label company found that adding a prominent CTA button increased conversions by a whopping 62%. Email platform 'Campaign Monitor' discovered that using a CTA button instead of a CTA text link increased their conversion rate by 127%.

Another common mistake is to have too many CTA's and alternative paths that get in the way of a simple straightforward conversion - yet another reason why first narrowing down the prospect's decision to just one actionable step through our interactive and inbuilt 'decision trees' is so effective.

When writing the copy for your CTA think 'simple, actionable and personal' . Make it about your product, while avoiding 'friction words' and using the right 'action words'.

Even the color of your CTA button can make a big difference. Logic may tell you that a green button would outperform a red button - after all, green commonly provides us with a visual indication to 'go' while red tells us to 'stop'. Yet split testing by Hubspot found that a red button outperformed a green button and increased conversions by 21%.

Allow us to quickly turn your videos into a top converting interactive campaign with unmatched versatility.

We can turn ANY video into an interactive powerhouse for any marketing goal. Use Smarter Videos with any video created from any software, INCLUDING the professionally created videos from our huge and ever growing VideoKardz range, videos you already have, make or have made in the future. Use them in any combination for any type of campaign: lead generation, sales, customer support, branding and more.
The possibilities are endless!

Leverage the power of social media traffic just by pasting the share link we give you.
Social audiences LOVE video and you will love all the clicks your interactive videos are about to get

Our clients have already seen and experienced how our stunning, and ever growing, range of VideoKardz videos have helped them gain the attention they need to set their products and services apart in the marketplace.

They know that with the fresh new videos and leading edge technologies that we can provide in 2023 and beyond, the currency that everybody is looking for isn't simply cash

It's attention.

They also know that nothing else grabs and holds that attention better than the combination of top class live action or animated video and leading edge and mind-blowing interactivity.

But gaining that all important attention, is just the first step.

You know that what you really want, and need as a business owner, is quantifiable action and results.

When you've worked hard on an email campaign, and provided your audience with all of the important information that they need, will the recipients actually open and read it? Will it work the way that you've intended?

VideoKardz Smarter Videos with "Pay Per Response" option is results driven video, so that you gain that action and results - we guarantee it.

For example, we all get inundated with eMail and getting someone to actually open your email is an ever increasing challenge.

The addition of video alone is revitalising eMail marketing campaigns everywhere.

In most cases, you can't deny that it's easier to watch a video than sit and read text, right? This is particularly effective if you're demonstrating how to use your product or express something that you just can't get across with the same impact through the written word.

Nothing else in the marketplace gets these results or is this effective and affordable.

If you are really serious about increasing your business profits and growth, you definitely need to explore these pages more or contact us now, from the form at the end of the above video, to set-up a free exploration call to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

Your total privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed and that there will be absolutely no obligation or pressure for you to proceed beyond this point.

So act now and get the big leap ahead of your competition with the Smarter Videos advantage - before they discover it and get a unique and stand out jump over you.

The Single Video Technology Responsible For Up To:

Higher Conversions
Increased Order Value
Increased C-T-A Clicks
Lower Acquisition Costs

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